Overview of our emulator

Our emulator will allow you to enjoy the features of the original Webzen MuOnline game. Each version is developed on original files, therefore, the content of each version is the original, we do not downgrade.

MUDevs security

- Antihack system embedded in the server.
- Protection against DDoS attacks direct to game ports.
- Regular feature and security updates to give you a unique experience.

Simple settings

- You can modify all the relevant aspects of the game, by editing text files and tools developed by our team to cover each need.

Compatibility between versions

- Our emulator is designed so that you can make version changes without losing information from the database.
You will be able to reuse all your configurations.


- You can add unique and personalized features to the game: our purpose is that all our customers can achieve servers that stand out from the rest.
If you have an idea, we make it come true!

Frequent questions

To help you answer your questions, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions related to the products and services we offer.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, or if you would like more information about it, do not hesitate to use any of our means of contact, we will be happy to help you..

No, you just require patience and will. If you are a newbie managing servers, little by little you will learn everything you need to have the server you always wanted. If you already have experience, much better!
No. You will be the administrator of the server, therefore, you will have to configure the server according to the type of server you want to create.
Our support team will be happy to guide you if you do not know how to perform any configuration.
Yes, as long as the request makes sense. You have 3 days to test the service and in case you are not satisfied, you can request a refund. We recommend clarifying all the doubts you have before hiring.
Installation costs and administrative expenses are not refundable.
By hiring the complete package you get everything you need for your MuOnline server:
- Webhosting cPanel
- VPS Basic
- Files
Installation and delivery of complete package: Within 48 business days after receipt of payment.

Sending files and license activation in external infrastructure to MUDevs: within 24 business hours after receipt of payment.
You can make the payment of services through:
- Bank transfer (Argentina/España)
- PayPal
- Skrill
- MercadoPago (Argentina)
- AirTM
- Neteller
No. The license fee is paid monthly. You can contract with a minimum stay of 30 days.
Yes. You can purchase the license of our emulator and use it wherever you want.
We do not provide support of any kind on problems related to external infrastructure.
No. All versions include our exclusive protection core that blocks all actions that allow you to gain some kind of advantage within the game.

Available versions

Season 0

The most classic of all versions

Season 1

Castle Siege has arrived!

Season 3

Third quest, fenrir and much more!

Season 6

One of the most sought after and played versions today

Season 15

The new character Slayer has arrived!

Season 16

The new Gun Crusher character has arrived!