MUDevs Team - MuOnline Development

Reasons to entrust your project to our company

We are a team of programmers who have the capacity and experience necessary to tackle any problem and solve it efficiently.
For a long time, we have specialized in Mu Online services. We constantly work to be at the forefront, innovating and ensuring our clients an experience that allows us to achieve any goal that is proposed. We have tackled the problem of the use of cheats in the MuOnline game and have given it a solution from the root, creating the least invasive and most effective system today.
We simply offer what others cannot.

Experience in the area

We have several years of experience advising and providing solutions not only to small entrepreneurs but also to large organizations and companies.

Training as a fundamental pillar

Our team is in constant training, it is one of the fundamental pillars in our planning.
We are constantly growing to be able to innovate and provide the solution that best suits each need.

Infrastructure as an ally

We know the importance of resources, therefore, all our infrastructure is of the highest world level. In our monetary policy, we allocate a large monthly percentage to the maintenance and improvement of infrastructures in order to provide the best.

Personalized monitoring

We specialize in order to understand and respond to the needs of each particular client. We greatly value those who decide to choose us to be part of their project. They are the reason for our existence.

What characterizes us

We have collected some of the most common characteristics why clients choose us.


All our products and services are of the highest quality, we take very seriously the standards and good practices endorsed worldwide so that the client receives the best version of our products.


All of our products are optimized to increase your efficiency. Our clients highlight the speed of processing and response of our developments.


In all our products we have first level infrastructure, which allows us to offer services without interruptions or failures.


All the products offered have features that you can only find on MUDevs. We continue to be pioneers in innovation and development of complex systems that leave the competition out.


The first impression when seeing our prices, is not the best. After trying what we offer, all our clients agree that the relationship between the quality of what we offer and its price is excellent.


All our clients emphasize the security of the services offered. Many come to us for problems related to security, in all cases, we managed to solve the problem satisfactorily.

Opinion of our clients

Periodically, we request feedback from our customers on the service provided, we share some of the opinions.

General average

5 / 5